definitely want to take advantage of it. >> the third annual chocolate fare is coming up next week to benefit a great group, helping homeless families and children. joing us is a member of paul and family promise. thank you for joining us. >>>> thank you for having me. >> tell me about ball when — baldwin family cried promise. >> it is to help families in cris situation. in our area, we have the hurricanes that can come c in. we dealt with the oil spill. as those families come into thoseos situations and come into cris, that we providero shelter. we provide food. fwe provide transportation. the children, we keep them in school. we get them to and from school. we help with the budget. we dealt with resumes. if they are working in an industry that is now abroad, then they need a new resume. we help them get back on their feet. it gives them a chance to save some money and be able to get s



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