i like an actual keypad, though. we are here can kay from midtown. tell the people about what we are cooking today? >> we’ll be making a chicken roulade, with honey basalal butter. >> well, it looked delicious and looks a little bit nutrition as well.ll sometimes we don’t always have the hamost nutrition things. >> hea lthy fried f chicken, i guess. >> there you go! tell me about a the ingredients. >>di we have baby spinnish, sun dried tomatoes, and shredded mozzarella afor it. and we’r.e going to pound ie t out ou nice and thin, and roll it up. and you can fr y it, or today we’ll be baking it in the ovenin. ane d we have the honeyy becausel butter. >> i don’t think that’s too nutrition. >> but it is delicious. >> there you go. >> tell everybody and ashland midtown pub. >> okay. we’re about a block down from florida street, kind of by butch cassidy’s. we have live music, big family atmos



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