Wala-studio10-chicken Pontalba Magnolia Court Restaurant

wala-studio10-chicken pontalba magnolia court restaurant
users. >> thank you. ouit is time to start cooking this morning. joe is in the kitchen with magnolia court restaurant. they are preparing the chicken pontalba. let’s see how itt’ turns out. >> we’re w at the hotel magnolia, magnolia court restaurants in folly. we’re with ch ef gerhard brill. you are world famous. amyou could for michael jackson, princess diana, the rat pack, and the list goes on. >> yes, but that is past history. >> past history? we’re cooking with “studio 10.” thankk you so much. what are we doing today? >> we’re going to cut chicken pontalba. a is potatoes, ham, mushrooms, chicken. it is panned rolled — grilled. and some sauce and vegetables on the side. >> it is a new orleans or type dish. what other ingredients? >> it also fits into alabama. creole is not just for new orleans. it is the whole i coast. >> good to know. towhy do we need to get started? >> the first th



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