Wala-studio10-chicken Pasta Santa Fe

wala-studio10-chicken pasta santa fe
today. no. chicken. chicken sounds good, right. cherish: we like chicken. we are coking time to eat today. we are so excited because we are coking chicken. >> chicken pasta santa fe. we have to have the pasta. that is going to be great. okay. chef alfredo, tell us about this dish first of all. so wel, this is one of the signature dishes. we have the phone numbers. they wanted me to call them. >> everybody loves this dish. >> it is very popular. >> yes. >> now tell us about time to eat as well. where are you located. how can everybody come in and request chick condition pasta santa fe. >> we are 751 at the corner. cherish: okay. >> we are family-owned and operate for ten years. cherish: love that. local. >> everything. everything is made from scratch. every day, we hevave a different daily special. like we’ll serve this as our special and also wekly on the spe cials and you can just somet



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