Wala-studio10-carb Lovers Diet

wala-studio10-carb lovers diet
thank you. >> thanks for having us. cherish: all right. ? ? ? ? ? joe: forget what you heard about dieting the book is carb lovers diet. the carb lovers diet. yes you can eat carbs the ladies behind us, good morning, ladies. >> good morning. good morning. joe: so i have heard all about the no-carb craze. i have even tried it a little bit. you ladies are saying something different you can and should eat carbs. that is correct? >> yeah. the word is put carbs back on your plate. this is a diet that is based on a kind of carb called resistant stanch what we know. thereer are 20-plus studies that show us, you will kick up the fat buratning. at the same time, feel full and few eat carbs with resistance. we are not talking about weird stuff here. we are talking about pasta, potatoes, rice, bread, banas. even potato chips. >> i don’t believe it, ladi tell me more about it. so if i am loking at m



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