Wala-studio10-burris Farm Apple Dumplings

wala-studio10-burris farm apple dumplings
nowng is the farm market. cherish: oh, yeah. very excited for “american idol” an to be in the kitchen this m orning. we are ar ae burris farm market today we are groing to be make apple d aumb palestinians. >> absolutely. one of the bigest selers s in burris and one of the customer’s favorites. i was excited to come here. cherish: thaha tha thank you for being here. for those people who may not know. what can we get at buris. i know that ton of stuff. >> oh, a ton of stuff. i brought a few things here. we have been here for 25 years. located off of highway 59 and county road 64 and a convenient location on the way down to the beach so we get a lot of traffic. cherish: usually have the big blownup strawberry. >> it is out there right now. we are anticipating strawberry season coming up soon. probably w starting to get fresh strawber e excited ab we have a full bakery and deli so we are we



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