Wala-studio10-bread Pudding The Bull

wala-studio10-bread pudding the bull
page. >> that is because you want to be a princess. if we are making another great desert today. cherishes making bread pudding with the bull restaurant. >> we are cooking at great kitchensat in mobile, and we’re making dessert. everyone loves bread pudding, right? we’rire going to have chef michael hedevaney from the bull restaurantst shows how to make it. what all do we need? n>> first, we’re going to fry our bread for this bread pudding recipe. it is a mexican bread pudding recipe. we’re going to fry off our bread to a golden brown. brwell we’re working on that, we will make the caramel. it is clear in the sugar is dissolved completely. it is two cups ofof sugar and enough water just to coat. >>>> ok. the bread is smelling good. >> are we constantly stirring their bread and the sugar? >> the bread, yes. the sugar, once it gets said, it can pretty much sit there. but the bread, you’ll



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