Wala-studio10-blackened Catfish Filets

wala-studio10-blackened catfish filets
rain gear. it is possible. we will cover that in the full forecast coming up. >> we’re with melissa from catfish junction. talk to us about how we’re going to prepare many different things you do, and what are we doing? >> we’re going to prepare blackened catfish filets. it is a spicy dish and low- calorie, thought it might be good for the new year. >> n that is a great plan. la it is my resolution. what are we working with? >> we have our blackening season, which has onion powder, garlic powder, salt, a little sugar, paprika, and a mixture of peppers. >> is that a typical blackening seasoning? how do you come up with it? >> it is a typical recipe. we have we did awe a little bit you can get yothe schrimp or any other a seafood black and. >> what else? >> we head egg andeg milk, with that w together. oglet your catfish soak in for a few minute s. the wander, the better. >> l that’s — g



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