Wala-studio10-almond Butter Balls

wala-studio10-almond butter balls
balls. >> i know a lot of you guys may have made a new year’s resolutions to lose weight, but it is really hard when youar have all the tempting suites. we are going to tell ylou how you can make something sweet to eat and not feel too guilty about it. we have cindy ross from bodies by cindy here. what are we making today? >> we are making my almond butter balls. >> sounds fantastic. what are these? >> i use almond butter. it is better. always choose almonds over peanuts. i have two varieties today. we have the really help the higher protein and the one that is a little bit sweet but still healthy as well. >> the really help the one is the one we can work ourselves into. let’s start with this one. let’s start of the really help the one first. >> you will use half a cup of almond butter, baking splenda. you will have half a cup year and half a cup fuel mix. the tablespoon of vanilla extra



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