shopping, it is saturday afternoon at the gathering placeplac onon spanish place boop — boulevard. >> now we’re in the kitchen and what are we making? looks like a sweet treat.. >> well, we’re making — fortunately it is a sweet treat your kids can eat.a we’re giving you options your ykids can eat where you don’t have to worry about them having sugar rushes or being diabetic. so everything you can find in nutrition plains book, you don’t have to worry about it andbo thisn is a dessert you can have for breakfast. so what are we working with h today? >> well, t he first thing we will do is melt the coconutco oil. fats have gotten a bum rap but the truth is fats don’t make you fat if you have the right kind like coconut oil. this is fantastic for your body. so we melt this with stevia and it is so easy to make. >> when we come back, what will we be doing with all this stuff? >> grinding an



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