thank you, again. >> thank you so much. i am outside. itde is cold outside, but it is a great day to barbecue. i am with the guys from texas roadhouse. this is andy. he is the only one we know that is a very warm out here. we are out here oking ribs today for a very special cause. tell me about that. >> brad cox is a fire chief that gocht burned. we’re having a fundraiser for him tomorrow night at texas roadhouse between 5:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. we will have a red-eating contest — rib-eating contest. we c will have fire trucks there. >> it will be firefighters eating a lot of ribs. ‘s >> everybody can come need and tom watch. the proceeds will go to brad cox. >> for medical bills and things like that. >> yes>>, everything,g, just to help him out. >> that is very nice. what a great cause. there’s nothin g more fun than eating ribs. talk to us about your ribs. .they smell amazing. >> we ju



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