Waiting In Line? Professor Explains Psychology Of Phenomenon

An assistant marketing professor says lots of Utahns have been waiting in lines recently. Some have even camped out for Sarah Palin’s autograph, In-N-Out Burger openings and new movies. The professor explains the psychology behind those who don’t mind waiting.
100 people are getting free chick-fil-a meals for a year. All they had to do was camp out in the extreme cold to get them.nnIt’s the latest of several examples we’ve seen in utah of the past few weeks where people stand in long lines overnight just to get something. Alex cabrero has some insights on this from a marketing professional. Why do these people camp out for chicken or other items? .nnWell because they’re getting something for free, deanie. And chick-fil-a’s case it was free chicken. At in n out, people got burgers and for black friday sales it was a good price. Of course there is another reason people wait in those long lines. We’ve seen them at twilight in salt lake, ikea in draper, and just last night chick-il-a.nnAnything for free chick sglen long lines seem to be forming all over.nnAt a non-conscious level all of us try to follow the crowds. And when consumers see so many o



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