but gooded if today. >> we do. we h things. a huge spread. one meal. he brought us in the only the main dish but desert all accounts of good thing. what are we making today. >> this main dish here, we’ll have venison tenderloin with caramelized mushrooms ses rved oever rice. >> we we re talking about this earlier this morning. that sounds awfully fans where i but you say this is something any ofg us can do. we put it in english. that is meat and mushrooms and >> perfect. delicious. it looks really good. now, as we get started with the recipe because i am sure when we are cooking venison it wince of those things that take it a litle. while not this part ofis it t. that’s back strap. p. it cooks i mean, ia made that in about three minutes.u >> okay. okay. this is can put together quickly. >> you can walk in the dor, have it done before you put your purse down. >> that is great. >> yeah. it



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