Vino De Notte / Hotel Indigo

Restaurant located in Hotel Indigo / Downtown Ft. Myersn1520 Broadway AvenuenFort Myersn239-322-1800
Tonight is the night to go to this place. The night to be in downtown fort myers. It is art walk and that means dinner at that place, vino de notte and that means that this guy, chef will, will be lighting your fire. Whoa!nnThat’s right.nnDo that one more time. That convinced me. Very god. What are we preparing here besides a great flame?nnThat’s pretty much it now.nnOkay. It’s out. Vino de notte, you are smoking up the joint, very good, very good. Tell us what’s going on at vino de note besides one heck of a fire show.nnWe recently roled out a new menu, so we replaced all the old items, little bit more streamlined so we can provide a better product to the customer as a lower price.nnVery good. One of those beter products is this dish which you have aded to and what is this that you’re making today?nnPan roasted snapper with roasted shall lots tomato vinaigrette and grilled polento cake.



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