Vino At The Village

Sally from Kona Grill and Dan from Brix come by to talk about a wine tour event tonight at Village Pointe and a fashion show before the premiere of Sex and the City 2.
the best experience possible. >> thank you. >> over to you. >> from wine to fashion to movies tonight is a night you won’t want to miss at village point. here to talk about vino at the village and “sex and the city” and a fashion show we welcome sally coates and dan muzacich this is the 24eurd year. let’s talk about what happened the first two? >> sure. it is conia’s, brick johnny’s steak house and head to harry and david and at the other end of the mall is firebirds and cheeseburger in paradise. we have special wipe appetizers that are $3 or $so it is very inexpensive and a lot of fun. we also have onliy the trolley that takes you down to a lot of locations. >> you don’t have to worry about parking. >> and at each location you get a bracelet that is a different color and after you go to four of the locations you take those bracelet’s to center court and can you register for a $100 gift



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