Village Pointe Farmers Market

Farmers Market at Village Pointe
>>> you expect rights and vegtables at a farmers market, but farm fresh eggs swel. we are talking to village points farmers market. welcome. before we get to you and talk about the great farm fresh products you have, we want to talk about something that you touched on last time you were on the show. eggs, farm fresh eggs. the most popular at the market. i have to say they sell out all the time. we increase our eg sellers this year so nobody will go home empty-handed. i brought a couple and part of the reason, lucy has hers here. you can see that they are unusual looking. these are green eggs. and — is there a taste difference? >> not in the color of the shell but the difference between the farm fresh and store bought is amazing. nutritional profile is different. these were gathered — and i’m going to make a gift to the you and mary of these eggs. and you’l taste the difference because



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