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Kim Jones from Village Pointe is back and she has brought with her some hot gift items this season. Plus, Dan and Sally are sharing with us about wine and food gifts!
>> mary: growing up, mom said, to fail to plan is a plan to fail. [laughter] >> mary: it applies to “black friday.” so, we’re getting a preview, to all the details, from our friends. mike is standing by, but, first, welcome back our friend, kim jones. good to see you again. we’ll get to that, in just a little bit. i want to talk hours. thanksgiving. what is going on. >> for the first time, we’ll have several stores opening on thanksgiving day, including old navy, and gap, and carters, is opening at 10:00 on thanksgiving evening. >> mary: let’s look at the hours. so, this is old navy, and again, on thanksgiving. these are not “black friday” hours. this is for those that want to go, after you eat, or before, either way, those are the hours for old navy, and then gap, and carter, open for 23 hours? >> that’s right. open until the 26th at 9:00. and it is 50% off store wide. when they open at



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