Village Point Farmers Market

Michael and Jody from the Village Point Farmers Market stop in to talk about the fresh selections they have to offer.
>> and “the morning blend” a proud sponsor of the farm’s questions market and today we are and you have a few weeks at the farmer’s market. tell us about that. >> we have the produce lettuces, asparagus and radishes. it is all local and all fresh. it is a lot of fun. >> so when you go to the farmer’s market what is the thing we overlook the most? is it like an insider thing and what is good that a lot of us just don’t see? >> mary that is good. it is a good question. most people go to the produce market and they want produce, greens, vegetables. i think the most overlooked items is really the meat and the eggs because our meat growers here. nebraska is beef country. we’ve got the best grass-fed beef, lamb, chicken, everything. you can even special order grass-fed buffalo. >> nice. and farm fresh eggs? >> yes. farm fresh eggs are the best. >> and what are the most popular items? >> you ju



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