Village Green

egg and mushroom souffle
back to the village green lodge. we’re going to make a mushroom and egg souffle with ham, a super simple recipe you can whip up for company and it wil be done in minutes. we’re going to start with ten eggs and just beat those with a whisk. until it’s blended. and ad to that a cup of cream cheese. and this is 2% cream chese. small curd cream cheese. wonderful a half a cup of flour. a teaspoon of baking powder. a half teaspoon of salt. about a quarter teaspoon of pepper. and then about another half teaspoon of onion powder. the onion powder really gives good flavor to eggs. just mix that all together. then we’re going to put in about a cup of chopped onions and mushrooms. so i’ve chopped those in the food processor beforehand. what’s nice is they’re small enough that they will mix in, but yet they’l give the delicious flavor of mushrooms and onions without there being chunks for those peop



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