Viewer Mail – 02/12

Viewer Mail – 02/12
in time fanor valentine’s day what’s are s ome foods that will help boost your libido. some viewer mail concerns for 22news registered dietitian nancy dell. thanks for joining ni us nancy. our first question. i always feel cold. could i be deficient in any nutrients? thats from paula via the internet. its been a cold wints er but if you need to wear a jacket when everyone else is comfortable, you may be deficient iman iron. when you are cold your brain sends a signal to yondur muscles to shiver. this muscle movement m creates heat. the mineral iron plays a role in this process. so have your doctor check your iron level. if you are deficient, eat iron-rich foods like red meat, dark leafy greens, and legumes like lentils and kidney beans. a second ns reason you may not be able to warm up is high blood pressure. it can lead to poor circulatd ion and deprive your extremities of heat. so cont



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