Viewer’s Voice: Bring It Back!

Online news producer Aaron Heintzelman shares viewer comments on what items you’d like to see brought back to store shelves.
3 (christa)the people behind a recent chocolate beer craze are saying “we’re sorry.”local brewer bouleveard partnered with local choclate maker christopher elbow to create chocolate ale. when it hit the stores– the ale sold out almost immediately. a lot of people were never able to get thr hands on it. boulevard issued a letter of apology — saying they had no idea the ale would be so popular. boulevard promises to bring back the popular brew next valentine’s day. 3 (christa)the boulevard chocolate ale story got us wondering,what other products can you no longer find that you wish would come back?some of you shared your thoughts on our facebook page.web producer aaron heintzelman joins us on skype with this morning’s “viewer’s voice”… good morning aaron.(aaron)good morning …john brooks writes, “yeah something they need to bring back is jolly rancher sticks.”mary jackson wants to see



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