Very Healthy Turkey Meatloaf

We’re making a delicious turkey meatloaf that is low in sugar with Chef David Sundberg of Tom’s Market and Catering.
lly just posted it. >> thank you so much. we’re going into the kitchen now where vince is making a m very special and saucy meat loaf. >> we’re in then kitchen. he we he david — we have davidav sundberg and we’resu makingak turkey meat l oaf. me >> it’s wonderful becausefu it has half the fat that ground beef meat loaf does . f .we’re going to make ite into a meat loaf, loadat it full with w oats, celery and fresh hererbs, and th is is going to be so much m flavor. it’s going to beitoi almostt exactly e like the flavor of thanksgiving dinner in it,nn but it’s goings to be way less calories, it’slo going to be waye better for die at the time particular, because it doesn’ t raise theai glycemic index. >> can you explain the glycemicem index. >> basically, all foods raise the blood suing hard. you heat a tablespoon oeaf sugar, right up in thehe sky. but if you eat something more complex, i



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