Veggie Stir Fry In 5 Minutes

The Curry Diva has taken the Speedy Recipe challenge for the first time and creates a Veggie Stir-Fry in less than 5 minutes!
tracking flights. >>> wednesdays on “twin cities live,” we challenge one of our chs to make a meal in less than five minutes. >> our next challenger always likes to spice things up a little bit. making a curry stir-fry, we have the curry diva, heather jan heather jansz here. ready? go. >> you guys are getting me all nervous now. all of these vegetables came precut. see what happens when you cook with me? john, golly. >> it’s the pressure. we have the best chefs on this show. >> i know. i can do this, though. i am calm and collected. >> what are these? >> those are pumpkin seeds. >> you heard about the gators. right? >> yes, i know. i’m going to go as fast as we can. now we’re going to throw those instant noodles in, and those come from an asian grocery store. >> so you didn’t cheat. >> no, i didn’t. you just put them in a little water. and then some coriander and cumin. i’m going to beat



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