Veggie Chili

We’re cooking veggie chili with Johnson and Wales University.
we’re going to use leftover chile to make some pizzas, just toppingg a multigrain tortillail shell with some chileh and cheese and baking it in theth oven. >> i’m a guy who likes beef in i his chile.s why are we doing vegetarian today? da >> we’re trying to promote some small changes you can make in your diet that squall big changes in the way youge look and feel. we go out all over and do these types of oprograms to try and a educate the community. >> then i am in the right place today. >> yes. >> >> and i’ll be really interestednt to see if you can tell the difference. >> ok. fantastic. that’s a challenge. tell us what we need toat t do. >> very, ve vry simple recipe. the great thing about it, you can use any vegetables and you certainly can add meat, whatever you had last night, chop it up and throw it in there. i’m going to start with getting our pan nice and hot and throw olive oil



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