Veggie Burgers With Apple Compote

White bean & sage veggie burgers with apple compote.
techniques that we can all use to make our cooking experience more enjoyable. from cookbooks to blogs is this dynamite duo shows us that real food hasurves. here to share a recipe we can all do on our own, please welcome the cooking couple mark and bruce. >> thank you. >> we can all make the curve. >> glad because i have a bit of curve, too, honey so let’s talk about this. and tell me about this cookbok. your latest book out. >> yeah, this latest, 16, 17, whatever it is. >> who is counting. >> yeah. >> there is a book that’s about taking apart kind of the science and the art of the dishes, so it’s not just doing a dish, but it’s why you do it and once you stand the, understand the technique of why, you can vary it endlessly and make up your own dishes like crazy. >> did you know you oned a cookbook and it will say brown the meat, and then take it out and add the vegetables. weay, why? he



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