Vegetables Gone Wild

PETA said NBC has rejected its sexy pro-vegetarian Super Bowl ad for being too steamy. Jeanne Moos reports.
getting ploy. jeanne moos dishes on the vegetables g wild. normally you tell kids to eat their vegetables…but now kids are being warned to hide from them… please let me forewarn you you might want kids out of the room. women molesting vegetables…it’s the pro vegetarian commercial banned from the superbowl. how can a vegetable be suggestive. do we have a picture of any normal vegetable? laughter here we are. the folks from peta, people for the ethical treatment of animals, submitted the commercial to nbc… and got a shot by shot rejection memo… we’re talking about things as ridiculous as licking a pumpkin. but peta doesn’t really mind that its commercial got squashed. its commercials always get squashed. i call it their squash strategy. do you know how many times peta commercial rejected by superbowl? i think this makes the 3rd time. there was the anti meat commercial. with extra



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