Vegetable Strudel

Recipe from The Italian Farmer’s Table.
culinary adventure and they have got a has-on experience in writing their book and they are here to teach us how to make a vegetable srudel. first, welcome to the both of you. >> thank you. >> and you spent a lot of time traveling throughout italy and that inspired your book? >> yes. >> tell us about this particular cookbook that you have. this is ur first one. >> right. >> and we had spent a year after culinary schol working on about three or four organic farms in central italy and only, when we came back home we talked about our experiences with people and people started to say wow, this would make a good idea for a cookbook, and that kind of inspired, that was a very early inclination of, of this book and, um, and two years ago, we said if we are going to do it, let’s do it now so we, basically, took our life savings and left our dog with our families and moved, quit our jobs and move



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