Vegetable Encrusted Striped Bass

We’re cooking Vegetable Encrusted Point Judith Striped Bass in the kitchen with Chef Anthony Ockunzzi from Newport Cooks!
designers and models. let’s send itt’nd on i over to o patrick p in the kitchen. .what are you cookingki today? >> anthony ockunzzi is here from newport cooks and they ofco course, help people llpike me try m to be better cooks.ks your full timel boy is with the bay boys iny jamestown, butam t you’re actually a making something this morning that’s — well, tell me about it, balls the goal is to make average cookers or below averagege cookers chefs like me that are chefs. >> excel lent. this is a i perfect dish for people that are locals of rhodede island, we hav e a lot of things that a re from rhodem e island today, and it’s pretty much like your end o fur summer, s very ligh t fare and it’sfa going to be very fresh, colorful, pretty easy too make. there’s some different techniques tha t everybody could practice at home if they want to become more of a refined cook at a home.me >> and t



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