Veal Spezzato: Italian Veal Stew

We’re cooking Veal Spezzato (Italian Veal Stew) with Chef John Granata from Camille’s.
with you guys on the live blog, but for now, we’ll heade’he into the kitchen withit lily. y. you guys are celebrating in there. what’s on the menu? >> i have to tell you i don’t know what’s onon the menus, because i’m so distracted by b all the party paraphernalia yourn brought in.. >> we always come with food and i spared no expense, i spent 9 dollars, but thisll is — $9, but this is a big celebration. >> you’ve been friends of “the f rhode show” since thece very beginning. chef john granata and joe zito. >> i have to ask, was the $9 included in the wine purchase? >> i don’t know, but wait until the general managerag sees this across his dssesk. no, this i just stole from the store. >> got you. >> john, tell me what we’reat w making here today.to >> we’re making vea spazatto. you can kind thiscand in just about any italian restaurant any and a it’s veal stew meat, stewed wi th tomatoes



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