Veal Scalapini With Caprese Salad

Veal Scalapini with Caprese salad
it for? >> it was us just taking on the world. it was two underdogs. >> was it like your secret ingredient is? >> yes. >> what was your secret ingredient. >> veal and blackberries. >> that’s an unusual mix. were you happy to see that? >> the blackberries i’ve worked with a bunch of time and the veal too. >> it’s important to heat up the oil first, why is that. >> so you get a nice sear on your meat and also everything, will start cooking. >> you can start to smell it right away, as soon as it hits the pan. i’m going to put some garlic in there too. is this one doppler radar lick clove. >> that’s about four garlic gloves. >> and i have my glove on here, because i don’t want to spread of the skunk around. >> i really don’t blame you. now, what we’ve done here, i have this nice rub, i’ve added to this veal chop here. >> is this a secret? >> no. it’s not really a secret. he did make the rub.



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