Veal Chops

Recipe from the Italian Farmer’s Table
verybody. >> our next guests are no stranger s to the kitchen. it’s melissa pellegrino and mt sh alaba, and they wrote the italian farmer’s table after meheng hemselves in farm life in italy, itta was there thathe they leard the importance of having a closea connection to the land and the i ngredients they cook with. welcome back to the show. >> thank you. >> and we have now dubbed them our new coong couple. we love you so ov much. and tell us what you are going to teach us to m ake today? we are a making a veal-chopc in pa rchment paper and – >> i’m going to look at matt fo the italian pronunciation. [speaking in italian] [lau ghter] >> w hat part of italfy is thi fr om? >> this is from a region in the northwest corner, borrders france , some of the dialect there is french, and it is a stun ning landscape, landds it’s not a very well-veknow n region, so we were just blown away by the be



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