Veal Chop With Mango Mint BBQ Sauce

Golf Club of Avon’s Veal Chop with Mango Mint BBQ Sauce
have you here. >> thank you. >> you say it isn’t as complicated asco it sounds. it is so easy, desiree could do it. that says a lot. >> you’ve just got to have the right ingredients. >> wh at are the right ingredients? ed >> we’ve geot nice extra virgin olive oil. >> tell us about that.l >> we call it iliana, which is named after myt daughter, that is greek for isabela. it is my wife’s family, they come from a smal village outside ofe sparta, greece, which is ab out three hours south of athens and we started botling it recently. we’ve been bringing it over for years, using itsi for ourselves orr restaurants we’re atnt and now we’re excited to start botling it and sharing it. >> we’re excited about trying it. >> you work at the golf club in avon. on >> yes. >> and this is one of the dishes you make for everybody? >> this i>>s one of the dishs on the menu thfor thisr sumhimer. >> a popular



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