Veal Arezzio

We’re cooking Veal Arezzio with Timmy’s One Bay Ave.
a camp kid, but we’re going to head into the kitchen where lily is, i can’t even say it, it’s veal. what are you y cooking in. co >> you’re an a italian andta you can’t say this.t why don’t you say thiays. >> it’s aa dish, we call it veal arezzio.ar >> and you make it at timmy’s one bay avenue. . >> yes. >> >> i see the veal, i see flour. lead me through the m rerost. >> >> we have drawn butter, we’ll flour the zeal, addea a mushrooms, artichoke hearts, fresh mozzarella cheese, march sally march — marsala winend chives. >> what is a demi glace. >> a reduced veal stock. >> i learn s lomething new on the show every daysh. we’re going to startg cooking inki just a moment. what’s the first step?p? >> the first step is we’ll get w drawn butterer heating up and we’ll sautee it. >> we’ll do w that and he aad back into the kitchen with timmy’s one bay avenue. head to foxprovidence.com and get t



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