VB Restaurant Week Tradewinds / Rudee’s

VB Restaurant Week tradewinds / rudee’s
before we get started… here’s a list of ingredients! now for a look at what to an advanced screening of the dilemma starring vince vaughn. vaughn. looking for a new job for the new year? the career engineer is here to help you land the one you want! break one time to check in with the buzz center! talking about.. it may be a new job… and, with recent uncertainties tragedy. we want to know what your thoughts are on e that. we are getting a lot of buzz. liz says this is too overwhelming what a tragedy. you wonder how much of this situation could have been prevented. i heard the shooter one of his classmates worked with him and she plained about him on the first day of school. she sent e-mails to the teacher about having him removed from the class or having him checked out. it happens a lot. you can’t check out everyone that may showhe a little bit of suspicion but you wonder how much c



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