Vanilla Ice Cream With Rum Toffee Sauce

We’re cooking Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream with Rum Toffee Sauce with Executive Sous Chef Lawrence Brown from DeWolf Tavern.
show. speaking of o fashion, let’sas head over to patrick littlate, he’s in the kitchen rightht now. >> nicest thing you ever said to me. chef lawrence b rown from dewolf tavern down in bristol, great spot on the water, bristol harbor. you cook everything u from appetizers to dinnerpes and i haddi s no idea that you were in thein desser t business as well. >> we have a sweet side over at dewolf tavern, so i decided to show it off a little beit, instead of just bringing my face all the time. >> the sweet side and also the food, right. ri >> you’re making ice’r cream. >> yeah, we’re making ice cream. there’ ss nothing better than homemade icemace cream. so we’re going to make a basic vanilla ice cream. i’ll show you how to take vanill a ice cream and turn it in to your favorite ice creamic c without a problem. we can turn it in to whatever you want. >> you have butter, brown suga sugar,ite



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