Valley Restaurant Serves Up 21 Types Of Croissants Daily

P Croissant has been serving Tempe for 25 years
watching logs burn on christmas day. [ lahter ] we’ll dry something more exciting. how about a restaurant that serves croissants. [ italian music playing ] >>> we are an eclectic bakery. the name originally was. [speaking foreign language]. it’s the excitement we are hoping you will have here. the word fils doesn’t really describe them because we take just enough flavoring and dip it in the croissant. it’s a unique flavoring. one large dot identifies the almond. this is chocolate chip and blueberry cream cheese is my favorite. now, our croissants are a little bit different. they are more light. we raise them longer and we have a lighter flaky crust on the outside than what you might find across europe. we have 100 different sandwiches with unique names like the ifle tower, and each of them is sected to european art as a way to describe it. we have a napoleon which is a cream filled pastr



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