Valentine’s Day

Story by Crystal Haynes
about some chocolate covered strawberries to set the mood? who doesn’t love a sweet treat on valentines day? and here at take the cake in guilford it’s a mad dash to get something special for that romantic night for two.sot sharon purcell, manager, take the cake ((00:01:28-42)) “”it’s the same day every year and somehow it always seems to surprise everyone. they think, oh i need to do something and this is a great place tocome by and pick up something little. little different. i don’t know why they wait. to make our lives fun i guess.””and it’s usually those last-minute-larrys that are the guiltiest culprits…just ask mike tobin.sot mike tobin, northford ((00:19:24–31)) “‘do you think a lot of guys wait until the last minute on valentines day? of course they do it’s a guy thing you just gotta wait.””stand up ((00:14:06–22)) “”you know, we’re in a recession and a lot of folks are optin



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