Valentines Candy

Valentines Candy
last decade. customer.s at stores that spoke thto 22npoews today say that they t try to cut down on the sweets year round. however the evidence doesn’t support that at richardson’s candy kitchen in deerdyfield. people packed into the store to buy all sorts of treats… like these chocolate covered strawberry’s. the kitchen made. over a thousand just today. they say they see an increase every year during valentines day. s “customers come in and smell the chocolate immediatly, and thats th the common thing we hear coming in the door, we smell the chocolate its delicious, people have their favorites and they keep coming back for them, it or makes them feel good.” that good feelin g could actually mean a good year for chocolate co based businesses. many companies report that during an economic downtur n, people actually go to chocolate more often, for that feel good fix. live from the frankl



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