USDA Recommends More Fish

USDA recommends more fish
eating habits. the government has released it’s latest dietary guidelines today. the u-s department of agriculture and department of health and human services wants you to cut back on the usual suspects like salt and sugar. but also wants you to double up on something you may not get enough of – fish. pkg sot how many times a week do you stop by the seafood department and pick up fish…maybe once? well according to new guidelines out today, you’re going to need a lot more than that. on their trip to the grocery store, dan and pat flower pick up some fish. not just because they love seafood…it’s doctor’s orders. sot two years ago i had four way bypass so we try to eat more fish and try to eat better than we used to eat. rich in omega 3 fatty acids, the usda is now recommending americans more than double their weekly intake of seafood…from the average 3 and a half ounces a week, to at



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