Urban Ecology Center

Don’s miss the 8th Annual Local Food and Farmer Open House at the Urban Ecology Center, this Saturday, March 19th from 12 to 4pm.
we’ve all shopped a farmer’s market >> we have all shopped the farmer’s market. how well do you know your local farmer. now is your chance to get to know your food and your farmer. >> hosting the annual local food and farmer open house. jamie is with the urban ekology center to tell us more about this unique event. welcome to the show. >> thanks for having me. >> you brought some tasty looking pro zeus. >> you can get some of that as well. >> the urban ekology center is an environmental nonprofit community center. we’re in river side park on milwaukee’s east side. there is stuff for people of all ages. >> every time someone from the urban ekology center is on the show, i’m like you guys do that? you have that event. my kids have all been through, whether it’s through school or girl scouts. they always have something, a great take away. now you’ve got this cool thing, tomorrow, noon to 4:



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