Unquowa School Lunch

A special look at the Unquowa School where they grow their own food to feed the children.
unquowa chef peter gorman is with us, and second grader, hannah calzone. welcome, guys. >> thank you. >> are you having fun? >> yeah. >> do you like to cook? that’s a big part of it at the school is to get kids involved in cooking. >> a big part of it is cooking good food for the school. >> you have a garden at the school. >> we have a garden, and we fill the salad bar with that or produce from a local farm every day. >> locally grown, organic produce — >> not all organic, sustainable, fresh, and good tasting. >> we will use some of that today. what are wie making? >> we are starting off with a yogurt chicken, and it is just sliced chicken, and we mix it in with yogurt, and i have fresh bread crumbs. we bake bread at the school on a daily basis. actually, hannah is kneading some bread, she baked up 18 los yesterday. >> do you get to cook a lot at the school? >> yes. >> do you like it? >



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