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Gobble Gobble! Prepare the turkey the right way!
too. mike, to you. >> mike: thanks. we’re so close to reaching a major milestone, very close, on facebook, 2,000 fans, and we’re talking about that thaiftion giving. to join the discussion, go to “the morning blend.” >> we’ll spend 4.18 billion on thanksgiving turkeys, and, this time of year. >> mary: that’s a lot of bird and cash, and the last thing you want is for something to go wrong. burn it worse, under cook it. so getting some helpful dad advice. >> mike: welcome back cindy. we have the bird sitting here. all cooked and ready to go. what’s the proper way to thaw this? >> it is tuesday before thanksgiving, if you have any turkey that’s more than a couple of pounds, you want to make sure it is in the refrigerator, stick it in a cold sink, and change the water, until it thaws. because, thawing it in the fridge, and i started last week. 25 pounder. >> if you’re in a hurry, if it has i



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