United Way’s New Campaign Goal Is $39M

United Way’s new campaign goal is $39M
explains. >> box meals and water was on tap. >> more than 18,000 people living in central indiana do not have enough food to sustain them. they struggle daily to put food on the table. >> united way board members and campai volunteers filled 1,000 bags with food as part of the agency’s day of caring. >> in tough times like this, we know that what is accomplished through volunteerism and through the days of caring is more important than ever. >> local centers say volunteers stepped up to provide food for those who need it. >> they were seeing seniors who on a thursday and friday would eat half a sandwich and wrap up the other half and take it because they were storing food up for the weekend. >> but the message of the morning was a fundraising goal to raise $39 million for the united way of central indiana. >> we know this will be a challenging goal. this is more — we know this is more t



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