Uncle Billy’s Brew & Que

Uncle Billy’s shows us how to make their brisket nachos. Here is the recipe.nn1 Bowl of your favorite kettle style potato chipsn1 cup chopped brisket (from last nites trip to Uncle Billy’s)n2 cups cubed monterey jack cheesen1 cup diced tomatoesn1/4 cup diced onionn2 table spoons chopped cilantron1 table spoon lime juicendash saltn1/2 cup sliced pickled jalapenosnnDirections:nSlowly melt the cubed cheese in a double boiler or non stick pan combine the tomatoes, onion, cilantro lime juice and salt and mix in a small bowl you just made pico de gallo add half the pico mix to the melting cheese. pour the melted cheese dip over the chips top with the chopped brisket the other half of the pico mix, jalapenos and serve preferably in a hubcap from a 1952 ford pickup.



Found Country:US