Un’Americana In Cucina

A Texas woman brings her culinary love of American food to Italy.
>> welcome back to “san antonio living.” we are in the kitchen this morning with lauren evans from the boerner area, and do people here want this book? >> they really do because we got so many questions about do you just live off of hamburgers and hot dogs and when i started cooking for my italian friends, they were like wow, you eat good food! >> and you grew up here and then traveled around — >> and i actually met my italian husband when i came back to boerne for the summer, it was totally random and i met him at a party at my parents’ house and he always says he came to get me, and then we moved to italy and after a while i started missing macaroni and cheese and things from my childhood and i started cooking for my friends and then i started a blog and it just snowballed from there. >> and i always think i like italian and the italians are liking what we are cooking here, but cookin



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