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Silver Spoon Award Winner for Best Asian Food
>>> all this week, we’ll be highlighting restaurants picked for this year’s cleveland magazine silver spoon award. >> we start in treemont, all- new on good morning cleveland. >> on the corner of jefferson, a little restaurant, pronounced typhoon. typhoon bistro. when you walk in, smell is unbelievable. then your food arrives. look at this, huh? tastes incredible. >> working on three dishes at one, the testimonials don’t just come from the staff. their food is amazing. awe some atmosphere like this and the service is exlen. >> the thing i love about this, everything is so fresh. they probably just bought that day or whatever. i like the idea that i know i’m getting fresh vegetables, meat, fish. >> reporter: it caters to vegetarians and everything is served hot. look at the team, presentation is gorgeous and you get all of this served ear in aedining room or out on the patio. call ahead f



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