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Two Pour Guys Barteding Service
you make a spash at the next event with the two pour guys, p-o-u-r, john and bob. >> these two don’t have any alcohol, whi is why we can try them on the air. we have rules here on “connecticut style.” >> tell me them again. >> no alcohol. >> want to make sure you got that part. >> happy spring. >> let’s talk about this. you do a little bit of everything. talk first about the two pour guys, how guys came about. >> my father-in-law, when johnny was going to quinnipiac college, working his way through colege. my father-in-law was a businessman by day, tended bar by night. taught him how to tend bar. i spend most of my time on that side. one day i said let’s try it back here, and we hit it off, and — >> it is mainly weddings you do, right? >> primarily. but we do – >> catering. >> besides weddings, we do birthday parties, anniversaries, divorce parties. >> we won’t be going to any of those.



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