Two Steppin’ Tenderloin

Recipe from the WI Beef Council
ideas. thornberry cottage in howard. we’ve got another great idea, go bold with your steak. andy is here from the wisconsin beef council. good morning. >> a lot of people don’t think steak with be healthy, but that’s not true. >> no, we have so many lean cuts, there are actually 29 cuts of beef, and a lotof our favorites that we make and eat every day that have les total fat than a skinless chicken thy and fall — thigh and fall within lean and extra lean. popular cuts like filet, tender lion roast and steak is one of the skiny 29. and the recipe we have today is a ful meal, and it’s got a whole grain in it and it’s got vegetables in it and a homemade pesto. so we’re talking very nutritious. if you’re watching counting calories, and it fits very well into the new dietary guidelines, because they say to consume foods that are high in nutrients and low in calories, and beef is naturally nu



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