Two Pour Guys

Two Pour Guys, John and Bob, joined Connecticut Style with some great drink ideas for your next event.
drinks and how to impress your guests can be absolutely, totally overwhelming. two pour guys are back bwith great ideas anead tips you can use to plan your next big events. we have bob and john. good to see you al. >> hello, again. >> thank you f or y having us back. >> you want to give me a hug, get it over with. >> i can do the show now into here we go every time they come, we have to hug and love a little bit. >> that is why we com e. >> i love you guys. you two h ave been friends for literally decades. >> decades. >> but in business together how long. >> that requires a touch of humor. >> you all have been doing business quite some time q together. >> exactly. >> how long has pour guys beenb around. >> in our sixth year now.r tending bar for close to 25 now. >> 25 yearsa tending bar at various places, lseven years in buness. >> wow, truly a match made in heaven. >> a litle below heav



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