Two Popular Cocktails

Popular cocktails
is one i my favorite places to come to. look at the view. whether you’re here day or night you know the drinks here are fantastic. >> yes. amazing. we have a great cocktail menu. but today i would like to show you our two most popular cocktails. >> popular with everybody? >> definitely. boys and girls. we’re going to do a raspberry mojito. we’re going to start off with fresh mint leaves. >> what are you using in this? >> toly raspberry. right here. fresh minute leaves. beautiful fresh raspberries. >> is this easy to make at home? >> absolutely. fresh fruit, you’re good to go. we’re going to muddle this. good enough. we’re going to add a little bit of simple syrup. a tiny splash of lime juice. not too much. we’re going to add an ounce and a half of raspberry, stoli. ice in there. this is melting, unfortunately. >> we’re good. we’re going to shake it up. that’s where you get the muscles, r



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